Terms & Conditions

Pakri Baron’s booking conditions and rules ENG

• We are located in nature – please take into account possible inconveniences (mosquitoes, etc.) and we recommend stocking up with clothes/protective equipment suitable for the season/weather.
• We ask you to follow the usual requirements of courtesy and good manners and treat the property of the recreation center with good stewardship. Any activity must be safe for the health of the participants and other persons, the property of the center and the persons staying there, and the environment.
• Please consider other visitors and ensure a peaceful vacation and a good night’s sleep for those who wish.
• Organizing parties in holiday homes are not allowed. Unless it has been negotiated in advance and the terms have been agreed upon.
• Smoking is not allowed indoors, in shared outdoor spaces, and in other areas of the territory, please consider other guests. Smoking is allowed on the terrace of your house.
• Throwing down and/or leaving litter floating is not allowed.
• When leaving Pakri Parun, please wash the dishes and put the used items back where you took them.
• If Pakri Parun ends the event prematurely due to a violation of the house rules, the advance payment paid by the customer is not refundable, and the recreation center has the right to invoice the customer for all agreed services, regardless of whether the customer has used the services to the agreed extent or not.
• The customer undertakes to submit all claims regarding the invoices presented by Pakri Parun in writing within 3 (three) days of receipt of the invoice. The claim must include a justification of to what extent and on what basis the client considers the invoice as non-payable. If the customer does not present a claim on time or does not properly justify it, the customer does not have the right to raise objections to the payment of the invoice later.
• compensation for damages caused by the client and/or persons for whom the client is responsible is made either in cash on the spot or based on an invoice presented to the client.
• The person making the reservation (customer) is responsible for the safety, behavior, and consequences of all persons accompanying the booker to Pakri Parun.
• The customer does not have the right to invite more guests to the house than specified in the reservation.
• By paying the invoice, a contract is considered concluded between the client and the recreation center, an important part of which, in addition to the separately agreed conditions, are also these booking conditions and Pakri Parun’s house rules.
• The reservation takes effect upon payment of the invoice by the payment deadline indicated on the invoice.
• Pakri Parun’s accommodation customers are all those who have registered with the holiday village.
• Check-in starts at 3:00 p.m., please check out no later than 11:00 a.m.
• We do not host persons who may damage Pakri Parun’s reputation; who have damaged property; who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• Night time is from 22:00 to 07:00. During this time, it is forbidden to make noise that disturbs the peace of nearby residents. Guests are not allowed without prior arrangements.
• During the quiet period, all people staying in holiday homes are considered to be overnight guests. If persons who are not registered as overnight guests stay in the holiday home during the night time, Pakri Barun has the right to invoice €80 for each unregistered person in the holiday village.
• In case of non-payment for Pakri Parun’s services or refusal to pay the invoice, the problems that have arisen will be resolved following the laws of the Republic of Estonia. The customer has the right to invoice the customer for invoices that have not been paid on the spot.
• Pakri Parun is not responsible for things forgotten/lost by the visitor.
• The customer does not have the right to take equipment and inventory belonging to Pakri Parun out of the holiday home. In the event of breakage or damage to the equipment and inventory, the customer shall pay 100% of the repair cost and/or purchase price of the equipment and inventory following the approved price list.
• Pets are not allowed.
• Smoking is allowed only in designated areas..

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